100th Day of School

Lots of early childhood and elementary school celebrate the 100th day of school. For most schools this day is rapidly approaching(or perhaps past so you can use these ideas next year). Here are some suggested activities that celebrate the 100th day and encourage sensory motor skill development:

1. 100 Day Snack Mix:
Ask each child to bring in 100 small food items. Mix together a large snack mix. The children will have to manipulate the small items, count them and follow several steps to create the recipe. This activity will encourage fine motor skills, motor planning and perhaps expand food tasting.

2. Hide and Seek:
Hide 100 small objects in the sand or rice table. Have a large chart near by and the children can put one object in each box until all 100 are found. This can be a great small group activity. This activity encourages fine motor skills, tactile input and counting skills.

3. 100 Day Exercises: Perform 100 of several different exercises. Count by tens to have some variety and to keep the children’s interest.

4. 100 Day Toss and Catch: See if the children can partner up with different kids. Throw and catch a bean bag, soft ball or beach ball. Keep tally marks and see if a child can accomplish 100 catches. If not, can any kids partner up to equal 100 catches.

5. 100 Day Walking Club: Start a walking club on the 100th day. The goal will be to walk 100 minutes per week. Give each participant (students and staff) a chart to keep track of their walking. Provide prizes for anyone who is able to walk 100 minutes per week until the end of the school year. Print out this 100 Day Walking Chart to get started.

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100 day walking