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Positive Reinforcement

With the start of the school year, teachers, parents and therapists will face so many different children and behaviors. One way to encourage compliant behavior during therapy sessions, in the classroom and home is to establish a system of positive rewards. Based on your own criteria, children are rewarded for “good” behaviors. This can be done with various simple tools. Try a sticker chart, linking paper chains, pinning up a certain number of clothes pins, etc. to promote the desired behavior. When the goal is reached of a certain number of stickers, paper chains or clothes pins give the child or group a reward. Or try our free printable from https://www.yourtherapysource.com/Therapy Bingo (see below). Here are some fun, creative reward ideas for a group that are free and movement related:

1. Carnival Party: Set up different carnival stations that promote eye hand coordination skills i.e. throw bean bags at bottles, hoops over bottles, etc. The children can earn tickets as prizes. At the end of carnival, turn tickets in for coupons such as free play playground for 10 minutes.

2. Olympics: Create different stations of various Olympic act ivies. Give each participant a medal (just print one off of computer for them to string on yarn)

3. Playground Time: How about a playground party? The children can be allowed to use the playground for 30 minutes as a reward.

4. Nature Walk: Plan a nature walk as a reward. Children love the break of fresh air during the school day. Walk around the school grounds setting an example to other classes. The kids will love to show off their reward and see other children working so hard while they get a nice break outdoors.

5. Gym Time: This can be hard to organize, but if the gym is free for a short period during the day, reward the children with free play in the gym. Provide cones, balls and hoops. This activity is sure to be a hit.

6. Therapy Time: If your school does have a therapy room, how about rewarding children with some free play in the therapy room. Therapists and teachers could collaborate to provide this reward. Kids would love some free play with all the therapists unique toys.

What ideas do you have for movement related rewards?

Therapy Bingo