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Challenge of the Day – “Do This…” Instead of “No”

challenge do this instead of noAre you up for the challenge of the day?  Can you go through an entire day of providing therapy only having a positive tone instead of a negative tone? How about as a parent?  Try spending all day avoiding the words “no”, “stop” or the phrase “don’t do that!”  Try replacing those phrases with positive alternatives always starting off by saying “do this” or “yes we can!”

Here are some suggestions to replace a negative tone:

Instead of saying “Do not walk on your toes.”  Try “Walk with your heels down.”  

Instead of saying “Do not start the Letter A at the bottom.”  Try “Start the letter A at the top.”

Instead of saying “Do not get distracted.”  Try “Let’s finish this first then we can do that.”

Instead of saying “No, we can’t do that.”  Try “Yes, we can do that but we need to do this activity first.”

Instead of saying “Stop tapping your pencil on the desk.”  Try “Would you like a small fidget to hold on to for awhile?”

Can you accept this challenge, all day long????  I know it will be tough for me!

positive affirmation posters and cards cover

Positive Affirmation Cards and Posters

This is an electronic book of 25 positive affirmation posters (8.5″ x 11″) and smaller cards of the posters (4.25″  x 2.75″). Empower children to realize all of their talents. All too often, children with special needs are told what they are unable to do, how about teach them what they can do! Positive affirmations help children to believe in themselves. The posters include simple text, animal pictures that compliment the text and colorful backgrounds. Hang them up around the house, class or therapy room and provide the child with the small cards to carry around to reinforce the concept.

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