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5 Ways to Work on Pre-Writing Skills without a Pencil


Here are 5 simple ideas to work on pre-writing skills without ever picking up a pencil –


1.  Sensory Trays for Pre-Writing.  Put some shaving cream, sand, rice, salt, etc. in a tray.  Have the child practice “writing” horizontal, vertical, diagonal and curved lines using their finger.



2.  Draw some horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines on paper.  Have the child place stickers along the lines.


prewriting-ideas43.  Have the children make their bodies into different types of lines – vertical, horizontal and curved.  Try shapes.

Prewriting Ideas erasing the lines from www.YourTherapySource.com4.  Draw lines on a chalkboard or whiteboard.  The child can erase the lines using a small sponge.

Prewriting Ideas create the lines from www.YourTherapySource.com5.  Use pipe cleaners or wax strings to create the lines and shapes.  If you don’t have pipe cleaners, look for different items in your school or house that you could use ie wooden spoons for lines, jar lids for circles, etc.

Need more ideas to work on lines and shapes?  Try Wax String Activities at https://yourtherapysource.com/wax.html.  This download promotes fine motor skills, figure ground skills, visual perceptual skills, visual closure skills, visual motor skills, tactile input and cognitive skills.  Get some free sample pages to start practicing.