Summer Paper Plate Kinesthetic Drawing Game

Summer Paper Plate Kinesthetic Drawing Game

This Summer paper plate kinesthetic drawing game is super fun and easy for a group.  It encourages visual spatial skills, visual motor skills and body awareness.  It is a definite challenge for kinesthetic awareness.  Here is how you play:

Give each player a pencil and a non-coated, white paper plate.  If you do not have paper plates you could use recycled, light weight cardboard i.e. inside of a cereal box.

Each player should hold the paper plate on his/her own head and be ready to draw on it with the pencil.  You could also just play by having the children close their eyes and draw on regular paper.

Read these directions out loud for the players to follow:

  1. Draw grass on the ground.
  2. Draw the sun with rays in the sky.
  3. Draw two flowers in the grass that are not touching.
  4. Draw 2 birds in the sky under the sun.
  5. Draw a ball in between the flowers.
  6. Draw one cloud in the sky next to the sun.

Take the plate off of your head and look at your crazy drawing.  If you want to score the drawing give yourself points if you –

  • Score 1 point if the sun is in the sky.
  • Score 1 point if none of the sun’s rays overlap.
  • Score 1 point if your flowers do not touch.
  • Score 1 point if your flowers are in the grass.
  • Score 2 points if your birds are under the sun.
  • Score 1 point if your ball is in between the flowers.
  • Score 1 point if your cloud is not touching any grass or flowers.

You can play this game with any theme.  The original idea I saw was a Christmas game.  Just create new directions and a new scoring system.

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Summer Paper Plate Kinesthetic Drawing Game