Executive Functioning Occupational Therapy

Executive functioning and occupational therapy interventions can help students succeed at school and home with planning, memory, and more!

Children with executive functioning deficits often have trouble with tasks that require planning, organization, and self-regulation. These skills are important for academic success and for everyday living. Executive functioning and occupational therapy interventions can help students develop the skills they need to succeed in school and in life. Awareness of executive functioning and its link […]

Handwriting Paper Printable – FREE

Free handwriting paper printable from Your Therapy Source

Handwriting paper is a necessary tool for elementary students learning how to write. Many schools provide handwriting paper, but sometimes it’s nice to have extra on hand. These printable handwriting paper templates are perfect for practicing letter formation skills. There is a nice variety to choose from based on your student’s ability and age. Best […]

Improve Time Spent on OT Goals

How to Increase Time Spent on OT Goals

Do you ever find yourself finishing up a therapy session, going to document progress on your OT goals and realizing that the last 30 minutes did not go as planned?  Maybe the therapeutic activities metamorphosed into other play skill domains that were not directly goal related but beneficial to overall child development.  Have you ever […]

Halloween Word List Printable FREE PDF

Halloween Word List Printable FREE from Your Therapy Source

Looking for a spooky Halloween word list printable that will engage your students? Look no further! This free printable includes all of the words you need to get your classroom in the Halloween spirit. From costumes to zombies, your students will love practicing their vocabulary with this fun activity. So why wait? Print out the […]


Participating in fine motor activities for toddlers is an important part of their development and should be encouraged from an early age.

Toddlers learn through play and parents and teachers both play an important role in providing successful opportunities in fine motor activities. Toddlers use their small hand muscles and small muscles of the fingers to reach and grasp objects. They also use them to draw and color simple shapes and lines and feed themselves with a […]


Classroom Job Ideas FREE printables

Are you looking for new and innovative ideas to assign classroom jobs? There are so many classroom job ideas that will help keep your students organized and engaged. So, whether you’re looking for a way to motivate your students or simply want to make the day-to-day operations of your classroom run a little more smoothly, […]

Fall Gross Motor Activities

As the days grow shorter and the weather cools off, it’s a great time to get outside and enjoy some fall gross motor activities. These activities are perfect for getting your kids moving and helping them burn off some energy. Rainy, blustery, day? No problem there are plenty of ideas to get the kids moving […]


Fine Motor Activities for Kindergarten

There are so many fun fine motor activities for kindergarten to include in your lesson planning or free play time at home.

Kindergarten can be a scary and exciting time for both parents and children! They have transitioned from the toddler stage of learning all new fun experiences by exploring their home environment. They have also transitioned from the preschool stage to participating in school readiness activities from a preschool classroom or home. Kindergarten now provides the […]