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Traveling Chalkboards

For awhile now I have been trying to figure out how to make some chalkboard items.  I have tried the chalkboard spray paint which does work well on wood.  I tried it on fabric and cardboard and did not have good results.  The other day I received an email with a daily deal on repositionable […]

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5 Fine Motor Things to Do with Loom Bands Besides Making Bracelets

Ever wonder what else you could do with loom bands?  Here are 5 suggestions that encourage fine motor skills, visual motor skills and hand strengthening (and none of them are bracelets)!  Get all the directions at http://yourtherapysource.com/freeloombands.html [subscribe2]

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Coloring Shape Stencils

How cool is this project?  It reminds me of a zentangle which I always find very calming to do.  There are two ways to complete this activity to encourage visual motor skills, grading of movements and visual spatial skills. 1.  Doodle Shape Stencils – Draw any random doodle all over a piece of paper with […]

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Visual Motor Activity with Magnetic Cars

Here is a quick, simple visual motor activity for any of those car loving kids – magnetic cars on the whiteboard. Glue a magnet to the underside of a toy car. Place on whiteboard. That’s it, the activity is all set. Here are some ideas to do with the magnetic cars to encourage visual motor […]

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Using Calculator Tape for Visual Motor Tasks

Here are a few ideas using calculator tape to practice visual motor skills and other developmental skills.  By setting up various tasks, the child will have to cross midline, use both sides of the body, visually track the letters/numbers and use visual motor skills. Use some calculator tape to create a long line of letters, […]