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Using Calculator Tape for Visual Motor Tasks

Here are a few ideas using calculator tape to practice visual motor skills and other developmental skills.  By setting up various tasks, the child will have to cross midline, use both sides of the body, visually track the letters/numbers and use visual motor skills. Use some calculator tape to create a long line of letters, […]


New Uses for Old Silly Bandz

If you have any children in your house 3 years or older, you are bound to have some Silly Bandz laying around. Here are 13 ways to use Silly Bandz to encourage fine motor skills, visual motor skills, coordination skills and hand strengthening. You can view pictures below or watch the You Tube clip. ACTIVITY […]


Free Thanksgiving Printable

Here is a free Thanksgiving activity to print and create. Laminate the play mat. Using wipe off markers, draw a path for the turkey to get to the table. Make matching letter clothes pins for Happy Thanksgiving. Pinch open the clothes pin and attach to the matching letter on the play mat. Get the free […]

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Video Activity Idea – Kid Boxing

This fun activity encourages bilateral coordination, timing, eye hand coordination, visual tracking skills and upper extremity muscle strengthening. The key to this activity is teaching the child to hit each balloon or ball with the right hand and left in a rhythmic, controlled pattern. Have fun with it! Need more activity ideas? Turn fine motor […]

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Fine Motor Toy Winners to Add to Your Wish Lists!

Every year Family Fun magazine publishes an issue with their Toys of the Year. This year there was a large collection of toys that encourage fine motor skill development and handwriting skills. You can view the top 10 Toys of the Year at Family Fun. Here were some of the fine motor winners for this […]

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Fine Motor Activity: Make Your Own Ink Dabber

Children love to use ink dabber markers. This is a great way to encourage visual motor skill development. But, ink dabber markers can be very expensive. Here is a simple way to make your own ink dabbers including using different types of handles. To order the letter dot worksheets visit Your Therapy Source’s DOT Letters […]