Spring Time Sheep

Purpose:  This activity encourages fine motor skills, bilateral skills and tactile input.

Materials:  Oval cardboard, marker, yarn, clothes pins or mini clips and cotton balls.
(Optional: tweezers).

Step 1: Draw an eye and mouth on the oval cardboard.  Attach clips or clothes pin as the legs.  Cut two small slits at the front and back of the oval cardboard to start and stop the yarn.

Step 2: Wrap the string around the oval cardboard many times.  Be careful to wrap yarn up and down using the clothes pins to separate versus horizontally or the yarn will slip off the sheep body.

Step 3:  Pull the cotton apart.  Stuff under the yarn.

Step 4: Sheep is complete.

Step 5:  Optional:  Using another clothes pin or tweezers, “shear the sheep” by removing the cotton balls from under the yarn.