Group Activity Idea – Hide and Name Game

Purpose:  Promote motor skill development, motor planning and learning new names.

Materials:  play tunnels, blankets or sheets, index cards or labels

Activity:   To begin the activity have each child write (if possible) his/her name on a name tag or index card.

Place the play tunnels around the room.  Drape blankets at various heights over objects such as chairs and desks.  All the children should sit together on one side of the room.  Have everyone say their name aloud (or hold name tag up) before starting the game.  Now begin calling one child at a time to perform an activity i.e. “If your name is Johnny crawl through the tunnel” or “If your name is Johnny, jump around the chair”.  When “Johnny” is crawling through the tunnel remember to ask the group “Who is in the tunnel?”  to reinforce name calling.  Continue calling names so that each child has a turn to complete a sensory motor skill/activity.  If the group is getting restless, have the child who is called be the leader and all the other children follow that action.  For example:  “If your name is Johnny, please lead the group and crawl though the tunnel”.

When the above activity is complete, have all the children close their eyes.  An adult taps one child on the shoulder.  This child gets up and hides in the tunnel or under a sheet.  All the children open their eyes.  They have to guess the name of the person who is missing.  Continue play until all children have had a turn to hide.

Likes and Dislikes Activity:  If you do not need to practice names but would like to get to know the children better, here is another way to start off the game.  Instead of using the children’s names make statements such as “if your favorite color is red, crawl through the tunnel”; “if you ride the school bus jump in between two desks”; “if you like to eat pizza touch your toes”; “if your favorite subject is recess jump up and down”.

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