Activity Idea – Q and A Body Game

Purpose:  Promote body awareness, motor skills and listening skills.

Materials:  none

Activity: This can be played with one player or a group of children. The adult faces the group.  Explain the directions of the game.  The adult is going to ask the children to move certain body parts based on questions.  The children are not to answer the questions.  They should move the body part that is the answer to the question.

Here is an example:
Question:  What body part waves hello?
Answer:  Children wave hands in air.

Here is a list of several questions and answers or make up your own.  See what questions the children can come up with.

Q:  What body part makes funny faces?
A:  Child moves mouth or tongue

Q:  What body part wears socks?
A:  Child moves feet.

Q:  What body part uses crayons?
A:  Child wiggles fingers.

Q:  What body part smells skunks?
A:  Child moves nose.

Q:  What body part climbs ladders?
A: Child moves arms and legs

Now change the game and request actions based on different noises:

Make a clapping sound with your body.
Stomp your feet
Snap fingers
March in place
Smack lips
Slap knees
Tap shoulders quietly

Now have children close their eyes.  Make one of the sounds with your body that you practiced together.  Can the children guess what body part you are using to make the sound.

Print the PDF of this activity here.

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