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Neuro-Developmental Treatment for the Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Treating the Movement
Challenges of ASD #05-14
Dates = 10/3/2014 - 10/4/2014
location = Baltimore, MD
description = When you
mention your therapy source you receive a $20 off discount. The movement challenges of Autism are often
neglected in the treatment perspective offered by the Occupational Therapist or Physical Therapist working with children with ASD. Current
motor control literature and neurobiological research highlight the motor systems impairments in this growing population of epidemic
proportion. Neuro-Developmental Treatment is a frame of reference guiding therapists in their understanding of the analysis and treatment of
posture and movement traditionally in children with cerebral palsy. This course will take the concepts of NDT and bridge them into the
analysis and treatment of posture and movement in ASD. Comparison and contrast between ASD motor patterns and typical development will
be highlighted offering a basis for the facilitation of new motor learning through hands on practical labs.
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Ethics and Jurisprudence: Ethical Concerns in a Pediatric Population #24-14
Dates = 10/4/2014 One Day Course
location = Pittsburgh, PA
description = When you
mention your therapy source you receive a $20 off discount. This four-hour course covers topics in ethics, ethical
decision making, legal issues and jurisprudence for the physical therapist treating within the pediatric population. Participants will have the
opportunity to discuss real life clinical examples and identify potential ethical concerns with instructor and peers. Specific topics to be
addressed include the fix v. function debate, cultural considerations, boundaries and best practices. Age ranges, point of service
considerations and statutory regulations will also be discussed.
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Linking Brain and Behavior #12-14
Dates = 10/17/2014 - 10/18/2014
location = Livingston, NJ
description = When you
mention your therapy source you receive a $20 off discount. Going beyond a basic review of brain regions and
structures, this course will re-introduce participants to structure-function relationships in the brain as a foundation for understanding
emotion, behavior and performance. This workshop will examine functional links between structures and systems, and touch on
neurotransmitter systems associated with common pediatric disorders. Neuroscience forms a crucial foundation for occupational therapy
practice. This knowledge will serve as a basis for considering clinical case scenarios. Participants will be expected to be active learners.
They will develop a stronger understanding of the strengths and concerns faced by children with such disorders as ADHD, ASD, and anxiety
disorder. Links between brain and behavior will be embedded in occupational therapy practice.
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Connective Tissue Mobilization for Pediatric Therapists #14-14
Dates = 10/24/2014 - 10/25/2014
location = Livingston, NJ
description = When you
mention your therapy source you receive a $20 off discount. Recent research suggests that connective tissue
changes may contribute to postural misalignment and movement dysfunction in children. This course is designed to introduce pediatric
Physical and Occupational Therapists to the concepts and basic practices of connective tissue mobilization. Through structural alignment
observation, and hands on practicum, participants will gain the ability to identify and treat connective tissue restrictions resulting in
structural misalignments, which interfere with efficient functional movement. Treatments specific to children with neuromotor impairment,
musculoskeletal injury, post-surgical scars and torticollis will be explored. Case examples will be presented via pictorial description and
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Integrating NDT, SI and Motor Learning Perspectives: Treating for Measurable Outcomes #07-14
Dates = 10/31/2014 - 11/1/2014
location = Baltimore, MD
description = When you mention
your therapy source you receive a $20 off discount. This course is designed for clinicians who have
some familiarity with the treatment frameworks of Neurodevelopmental Treatment, Sensory Integration and/or Motor Learning and want
to maximize their assessment, treatment planning and intervention clinical skills by combining them. This workshop will enhance critical
thinking skills to enable therapists to use a systematic approach to treating children with developmental challenges. Lecture and lab will
be utilized to help participants focus on problem solving to gain functional outcomes for children with motor control, sensory processing
and/or behavioral compromise. Video demonstrations will be employed as opportunities for case study, including assessment, goal
setting, treatment planning and execution.
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Connecting the Dots between Medically Complex to Functionally Competent: An Intermediate NDT Course
for Infants and Toddlers #26-14
Dates = 11/21/2014 - 11/22/201
location = Baltimore, MD
description = When you mention
your therapy source you receive a $20 off discount. This 2-day course is designed to enhance critical
thinking skills necessary to improve function in medically complex infants and toddlers. The course will cover the current philosophy and
principles of NDT treatment in pediatrics. It will contrast the infant facing complex medical challenges to typically developing infants with
emphasis on enabling functional mobility and communication in the medically complex infant and toddler. Treatment strategies will be
taught to optimize strengths and minimize barriers using treatment demonstrations and practical lab experience with peers and therapy
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Taping to Improve Alignment, Strength and Function in Children #25-14
Dates = 12/6/2014 - 12/7/2014
location = Pittsburgh, PA
description = When you mention your therapy source you receive a $20 off discount. Enhance therapy outcomes in your pediatric clients,
birth through adolescence, with neuromotor impairments and issues with alignment utilizing taping techniques presented in this course.
You will practice with several different materials on the other course participants to achieve specific objectives. Examples of intervention
with children utilizing taping procedures will reinforce learning for clinical applications. Course includes videotapes and case studies.
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Neuro-Developmental Treatment Approach to Pediatric Gait #16-14
Dates = 9/26/2014 - 9/27/2014
location = Baltimore, MD
description = When you
mention your therapy source you receive a $20 off discount. This course is designed for physical and
occupational therapists, and assistants treating children with neurological deficits who are acquiring gait, desire to have vertical mobility
such as walking, or who currently function in vertical. The acquisition of typical gait and function in vertical will be studied in toddlers and
children via slides, video and observation of an assessment and treatment demonstration. Current philosophy and principles of the
Neuro-Developmental Treatment approach will be presented as it relates to treatment of gait and acquisition of skills in vertical.
Movement labs will be used to facilitate one another through movement transitions and to learn handling techniques for the treatment of
gait and functional tasks typically done in vertical. Observation of a gait assessment and treatment session will show treatment and
handling techniques on a client.
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Ohio Institute for OT/PT School-Based Practice
Dates = august 11-12, 2014
location = Hilton at the Easton, Columbus, OHio
description =

Continue your best practice knowledge with these School-Based Therapy experts.  Learn about the latest federal/state updates and
advances in evaluation and intervention techniques to improve your services to children.
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