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The DIR/Floortime Model of Treatment: A Developmental, Individual-Difference, Relationship Based Approach
of Treatment for Children with a Diagnosis of Autism & other Challenges in Relating & Communicating

Dates = Sunday, March 1st - Monday, March 2nd, 2015
location = Villa Park, IL
description = This course focuses on the DIR/Floortime Approach to the treatment of children with diagnosis of autism, regulatory disorders
or other challenges in relating and communicating. DIR - Developmental, Individual-Difference, Relationship Based
Treatment -Floortime, was developed by Stanley Greenspan, MD and Serena Wieder, Ph.D. DIR provides an understanding of the childs
functional emotional levels including regulation and attention; mutual engagement; purposeful interaction with
gestures; more complex gestures and problem solving; elaborating ideas (pretend play, creating symbols); and building bridges between
ideas (emotional thinking).

All sessions emphasize coaching parents, therapists, teachers and aides in bringing the DIR model into their work.

This course addresses the pediatric population: infant, pre-school, elementary school and some young adolescents.
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T is for Treatment - Pediatric Feeding Disorders: Pre-Chaining & Food Chaining Therapy Programs
Dates = Friday, March 13th - Saturday, March 14th, 2015
location = Villa Park, IL
description = This two-day course, designed for Speech Language Pathologists, Registered Dieticians, Social Workers, & other
related Health Professionals, Occupational Therapists, & Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants, will focus on assessment and
treatment of feeding problems in infants, toddlers and children. Topics covered include: anatomy of feeding aversion; feeding therapy baby
care basics; successful transition to table foods; toddlers eating from ages 2 to 6; meeting nutrition needs for infants, toddlers &
children; case histories; analysis and development of team treatment plans for infants and toddlers; picky versus problem eating;
problem-solving, referrals and the team approach to feeding aversion therapy; in-depth case history, analysis of the problem &
development of team treatment programs for children.
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The CEU Group
Dates = Year-round
location = Nationwide
description = The CEU Group is a brand new twist on an old idea in continuing education.  The idea is that a professional can get a discount
on a course by registering as a group.  But what if said professional does not have the resources or contacts to get a group together? In the
past, this situation has meant that the professional has to pay 10-35% more to attend the event.  This result is no longer necessary!  The
CEU Group is working with many providers of continuing education to get group rates, and even better to hundreds of courses nationwide.  
We then pass those discounts down to you, the licensed professional, so you can get the great continuing education you need at a price you

To come see how this works, please come visit us at and join our fast-growing database to keep abreast on new
partnerships and new participating events in your area.

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