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description = The CEU Group is a brand new twist on an old idea in continuing education.  The idea is that a professional can get a
discount on a course by registering as a group.  But what if said professional does not have the resources or contacts to get a group
together? In the past, this situation has meant that the professional has to pay 10-35% more to attend the event.  This result is no
longer necessary!  The CEU Group is working with many providers of continuing education to get group rates, and even better to
hundreds of courses nationwide.  We then pass those discounts down to you, the licensed professional, so you can get the great
continuing education you need at a price you want.

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Treatment of Children with Severe Disabilities
Dates = One Day Course Offered on April 11th and April 12th, 2014
location = Villa Park, IL
description = This course is designed for physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, occupational therapists, occupational
therapy assistants, and speech pathologists who treat children with severe physical disabilities. The course includes lecture, labs
where participants treat each other, problem solving, goal setting, and a treatment demonstration by the instructor.

This course reviews the concepts for evaluation and treatment of children with severe physical disabilities. Focus is on proper
utilization of services and techniques for respiratory, posture, and movement for functional treatment outcomes. Emphasis of
evaluation and assessment focuses on basic life support skills, such as respirations,cognitive/languageabilities and impairments,
and arousal/attention states.

Therapists learn examples of common functional outcomes desired in people with severe impairments and are provided with written
treatment ideas augmented by line drawings. There are many examples of treatment ideas for respirations, including ribcage and
thoracic spine mobility, facilitation of postural/ respiratory musculature for efficient respirations, and treatment ideas for head/ neck
trunk alignment, limb mobility, and limb control.


The participant will be able to:

1.) Set a functional outcome for the child seen in treatment demonstration for:
-A treatment session
-One month
-One year
-Ten years

2.) List at least five unique physical impairments that the child with severe physical disability is likely to have as an adult.

3,) List 3-5 reasons for choosing treatment frequency, initiation/discharge of services, and service model of delivery for children with
severe impairments.

4.) Demonstrate on an adult lab partner at least three treatment strategies to:

-Change respiratory rate and pattern
-Facilitate sustained posture/ externally support posture
-Facilitate movement of the trunk, shoulder, and hip
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Infantile Torticollis & Plagiocephaly
Dates = any time
location = on line
description = This course contains 3 sections (Background, Evaluation & Treatment) of Infantile Torticollis &
Plagiocephaly and 1 Final Exam
contact = 209 943-6361
email =