5 FREE Positioning Handouts

5 free positioning handouts from Your Therapy Source

As pediatric therapists, we are well aware that children need to have stable and strong proximal muscles of the trunk and shoulder girdle in order to use the distal muscles in the fingers and hands.   When we observe in classrooms, we frequently see positioning of children that could use modification.  Perhaps you modify the […]

3 Strategies to Help Children with Anxiety

3 Strategies to Help Children with Anxiety

Anxiety can be very difficult for children resulting in considerable stress with negative consequences on daily living skills.  Many children with co-morbid conditions such as autism spectrum disorder or intellectual disabilities are at greater risk for anxiety.  Parents, teachers and children can learn strategies to help deal with anxiety.  The strategies to help children with […]

What is a Growth Mindset?

What is a Growth Mindset

What is a growth mindset?  It was developed by psychologist Carol Dweck who explains mindset as a self-perception or “self-theory” that people hold about themselves.  For example, it is believing that you are smart or not smart, good athlete or bad athlete, good at knitting or stink at knitting.  This type of mindset can have a […]

7 Features of Effective Classroom Rules

Creating Effective Classroom Rules

The Teacher Education and Special Education journal published a review of the literature on creating and managing effective classroom rules and behavior.  Teachers report that verbal disruptions, noncompliance, and being off-task are the most frequently observed challenging behaviors.   Ineffective classroom management changes the overall classroom environment, affecting students’ social and academic outcomes and teachers’ self-efficacy, attrition, and burnout.  Teachers […]


Are You The Best Therapist for the Job?

Are you the best person for the job

Do you ever ask yourself if you are the best therapist for the job? For any children who receive related services, hopefully this question is asked frequently. When teachers create class lists for the following school year, they usually make a recommendation based on the student and the teacher’s style. The students move from grade […]