Fabric Creation

Purpose:  This activity encourages fine motor skills and tactile input.  Great activity for children of all abilities.

Materials:  Cardboard, glue, water, mixing bowl and fabric scraps of any kind (fabric, old clothes, stuffed toys, etc).

Step 1: Rip or cut your fabric scraps into different sizes and lengths.  We are using fun fur, cotton scraps, wool scraps and more to incorporate various textures.

Step 2: Mix regular glue with water: 1/2 glue and 1/2 water.  Stir.  Put newspaper on table to protect the surface.

Step 3:  Pick a piece of fabric.  Dip it in the glue.  Squeeze off any excess glue.

Step 4: Lay the fabric down on the cardboard.  You can lay it flat, bunch it up and twist it.  Get creative.

Step 5:  Let dry for 24 hours.  Now you have a tactile board that is a piece of art, a bed for a stuffed animal or whatever the child chooses to create.