Rug Gripper and Gross Motor Skills

I have found that visual cues can really help children when practicing gross motor skills.  Things like poly spots or cones are great for some kids but sometimes you need a little something extra.  Pictured above are the feet from Proprioceptive Poems.  These feet are great to provide that extra visual cue as to where you need children to place their feet.  Once you laminate them or any other picture of feet, use a hot glue gun to secure rug gripper to the back of the page.  A roll of rug gripper is $1 at the dollar store.  One roll covers about 7 pieces of regular sized paper.  Once that rug gripper is on there, the laminated sheets are not sliding on the floor (just like a poly spot).  Practice jumping, hopping or walking from one page to the next.

In addition, the possibilities are endless to combine movement with learning.  Print out sight words, vocabulary words, letters, colors, numbers, etc and get moving.