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Pumpkin Workout and Brain Break


Need a quick brain break in the classroom or burn off some excess energy before homework?  Try this no-prep, pumpkin workout!  Can you complete each exercise for the letters in the word P-U-M-P-K-I-N?

P is for 10 push ups.
U is for 10 up and down squats.
M is for marching in place for 30 seconds.
P is for plank position for 10 seconds.
K is for kick your legs for 30 seconds.
I is for invent an exercise.
N is for ninety seconds of running in place.

DOWNLOAD the Pumpkin Workout.

Pumpkin Packet - Your Therapy Source

The Pumpkin Workout is from this Pumpkin Packet that includes 11 no-prep, FUN activities to get children practicing fine motor, gross motor and visual perceptual skills.  This packet is great for brain breaks, indoor recess, classroom party and more!

The Pumpkin Packet download includes the following:

Roll a Pumpkin #1 and #2 – roll a die to create different pumpkin faces
Pumpkin Workout – an acrostic poem for physical activity
Pumpkin Brain Breaks – roll a die and get moving
Pumpkin Ball Challenge – exercise ball activities
Pumpkin Poses – animal yoga poses
Pumpkin Patch – fine motor and visual motor game
Pumpkin Match Up – fine motor, finger strengthening and visual memory game
Design Your Own Pumpkin – visual motor activity
Pumpkin Zentangle Coloring Page
Jack O Lantern Challenge Maze
Pumpkin Maze