Groundhog Day Activities – Freebie!

Groundhog Day Motor Minute from Your Therapy Source

Do you need groundhog day activities in a hurry? Take the Groundhog Day Motor Minute Challenge.  You can print this freebie at the bottom of the page and your students will have a blast trying to complete these fine and gross motor activities in under two minutes!

Can you complete all the visual motor and gross motor tasks on this page in under two minutes?  This is quick, NO PREP, warm up activity, brain break, indoor recess or boredom buster for Groundhog Day.  And it is FREE! Woohoo!  We all love free.

If you like this activity check out the Motor Minute Challenges for any day of the week. Motor Minute Challenges is an electronic book of 20 sheets to complete that encourage fine motor, visual motor and gross motor skills. Complete each challenge sheet by finishing pictures, mazes, physical activities and more. Time the tasks for 1-3 minutes or let the child complete each one at his/her own pace. These pages are great for challenges at home, indoor recess time, rainy day activities and push in or pull out therapy sessions.   Find out more.

How Does the Groundhog Day Activities Printable Work?

All you need to do are these three steps:

  1. Sign up to download the freebie at the bottom of the post.
  2. Download and print the activity page.
  3. Follow the directions on the Groundhog Activities page.
    • Complete the Maze
    • Match the Shadows Body Awareness Activity
    • Pencil Shading Exercise

When Is A Good Time to Use This Activity?

Students can use this free printable for:

  • Groundhog day fun!
  • early finishers
  • an activity during an OT session
  • carry over activity for at home
  • indoor recess

What Skills Does this Activity Work On?

Children are working on the following skills with this groundhog day activities printable:

  • visual motor skills
  • body awareness
  • physical activity
  • balance
  • pencil pressure

Download Your FREE Groundhog Day Activities Printable Here

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