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Clap, Snap or Tap – Rhythm, Motor Planning and Coordination Activity

Clap Snap Tap Rhythm Motor Planning and Coordination Activity

Have you ever stopped to think how may sounds you can make with your body?  You can clap, snap, tap, stomp, click and more.  These skills challenge children’s motor planning, rhythm and coordination skills.  Have children make some sounds with their bodies such as:

  1. clapping hands together
  2. snapping fingers
  3. tapping fingers on table
  4. slapping knees
  5. tapping top of head
  6. stomping feet
  7. rubbing hands together
  8. popping air filled cheeks
  9. tapping two fingers on palm of hand
  10. rubbing hands on floor.

Once the children have practiced these sounds try mixing it up to follow a two step pattern:

Clap hands – slap knees – clap hands – slap knees – clap hands – slap knees….

Try adding a rhythm:

Clap 2x – stomp feet 3x – clap 2x – stomp feet 3x…

Make it more difficult by trying a three step pattern:

Clap hands – tap top of head – snap fingers – clap hands – tap top of head – snap fingers…

Encourage the children to maintain a rhythm as they complete the body sounds.  This is a great brain break or indoor recess activity that requires no equipment and concentration.

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Here is a video of a group performing it together.  One child is establishing the pattern and the others follow. They added in additional locomotor skills and ball skills.