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Find and Color Marine Life Visual Motor Freebie

Find and Color Marine Life Visual Motor FreebieFind and Color Marine Life Visual Motor Freebie

Here is a fun FREEBIE to challenge visual perceptual and fine motor skills – find and color marine life.  Students need to find the marine life and color it according to the key on the activity page.  Add an additional challenge by having the students count each type of marine life.  You can download your FREE copy of the Find and Color Marine Life visual motor activity page at the end of this post.

The find and color marine life visual motor activity encourages:

  • visual discrimination skills:  the ability to recognize similarities and differences between shapes, size, colors, objects, and patterns.
  • visual motor skills: the ability to interpret visual information and respond with a motor action.
  • counting skills
  • attention to detail
  • visual scanning: the ability to visually search for something i.e. going from left to right and top to bottom

This activity is suitable for early finishers, visual perceptual “homework”, therapy session activity or marine life theme lesson.  See below to access the FREE download.  Once you download the activity, print and distribute to students.  Instruct the children to read the code and color the marine life animals the correct color.  If the child is unable to read yet, color the animal at the top of the page the correct color as a guide instead of having the child read the word.  Provide children with crayons, colored pencils or watercolors for them to complete the activity.

If you need additional sensory-motor, puzzles, and mazes with a marine and beach theme check out these titles:

A to Z Marine Animal Movement Cards: This digital download includes 26 marine animal movement cards, 20 game ideas and 3 pages to use for Write The Room activity to get children moving through the alphabet.

Beach Sensory Motor Packet

Beach Sensory Motor Packet – Fine, Gross and Visual Motor Packet:  This digital download includes 20+ puzzles, mazes, games and physical activities all with a beach theme.  This is an excellent activity packet for in-class activities, therapy sessions, class parties, carryover activities, brain breaks, early finishers and summer “homework”.

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Illustrations by Toporovska Nataliia from Shutterstock.com