Turkey Directed Drawing – Free Step-by-Step Tutorial

Are you looking for an engaging and creative way to celebrate Thanksgiving in your classroom or at home? These Turkey Directed Drawing free sample pages are the perfect start to inspire young artists. With easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, these directed drawings not only help in enhancing handwriting, writing, visual perceptual and fine motor skills but also in learning new words and concepts related to the festive season. You can download the PDF for free at the bottom of this post.

Thanksgiving Directed Drawing and Writing Packet

For those who want to explore more, these free sample pages are from our complete Thanksgiving Directed Drawing and Writing Packet. This comprehensive resource is filled with directed drawings for the fall season, including turkeys, and even pie, along with lesson plans and interesting details to spark the imagination of your students.

What’s Inside the Turkey Directed Drawing Worksheet?

Our turkey directed drawing worksheet is designed to provide a fun and educational experience. It includes a six-step drawing lesson of an adorable turkey, complete with tail feathers in a fan shape and a cute body shape. The worksheet also incorporates handwriting practice, as it includes the word “turkey” for children to trace, making it an excellent early finisher activity for 5 year olds and up.

Bonus Pumpkin Directed Drawing and Writing Printable

But that’s not all! We also offer a BONUS pumpkin directed drawing and writing printable. This engaging activity allows students to cut out the drawing steps, arrange them in the correct sequence, draw the pumpkin with its petal shape, and then write about their creation. It’s an easy way to integrate art and literacy, perfect for any group of students.

More Drawing Ideas and Resources

If you’re seeking additional drawing lessons with simple steps, check out these resources for a lot of fun and learning:

Why Choose Our Directed Drawings?

Our turkey and pumpkin directed drawings are not just art activities; they are a great way to enhance drawing skills, follow step-by-step directions, and understand visual art elements. With these activities, children can create cute turkeys and pumpkins using simple shapes, straight lines, and light layers of liquid watercolor or black oil pastels. These projects are ideal for a variety of age ranges from 1st-grade classrooms, high school classes, or even as a fun home project.

Moreover, these drawings can be used for hallway displays, memory books, or as coloring pages. Using art supplies like black permanent markers, children can add wavy lines, interesting details, and color to bring their turkey body and pumpkin to life. It’s a perfect art activity to celebrate the Thanksgiving season and say “Happy Thanksgiving” in a creative and educational way.

Created by a certified occupational therapy assistant, the Turkey Directed Drawing and Bonus Pumpkin Drawing worksheets are not just free downloads; they’re valuable drawing resources that offer an easy way for students to learn and have fun. So, why wait? Get your free sample pages today and start a journey of creativity and learning this Thanksgiving season!

Download your FREE Turkey Directed Drawing with Pumpkin Writing Prompt