Purpose: Strengthen and refine fine motor and coordination skills

Materials: felt, beads, string, cardboard (needle and thread or sewing machine)

How To Make the Bead Maze:

Step 1:  Fold a standard piece of felt in half.  Draw an ‘S’ shape lightly on the felt.

Step 2:  Place one edge of string at the start of the ‘S’.  Cover it with a small square of felt.  Sew in place.

Step 3:  Lace beads onto string.  Place the end of the string at the end of the ‘S’ shape, cover with small piece of felt and
sew in place.

Step 4:  Cut small squares of felt to make the tunnels.  Sew the tunnels in place over the string.  Just move the beads out
of the way when you sew each tunnel.  Make sure though that the tunnel is high enough to allow the beads to pass
through.  Also, make sure you make a several tunnels to guide the beads through or the string will be too slack.

Step 4:  Fold the felt in half and sew closed except the bottom.

Step 5:  To provide some stiffness to the maze, slip a piece of cardboard inside the felt pocket.

Step 6:  Play with the maze by trying to push the beads through all the tunnels.