Traveling Chalkboards

Using repositionable chalkboard Contact paper, I created several activity ideas. The Contact paper is called Chalkboard Roll and it is 18″ by 6 feet long (purchase on ebay, Amazon or office store).


1.  Regular Chalkboard – hang this chalkboard paper on any wall to quickly set up a chalkboard.  I hung it on a white board and it went up smoothly.  It also removed easily.  I was hoping I could then reuse it on a different wall but when removing, it did tear quite a bit so it is not reusable once hung up.  This is an easy way to hang up a temporary chalkboard though for a corner in the classroom, therapy room or home for handwriting practice on a vertical surface.


2.  Flat Chalkboard – Since I could not reuse it, I decided to put the contact paper on a large piece of cardboard so it could be easily moved from room to room.  This worked wonderful.  The added benefit is to use the chalkboard in the prone position.  You could add a hanger or string on it so you could hang in on a wall.  Make it really big and you could make target games on it i.e. write letters and throw bean bags onto the correct letter.


3.  Slant Chalk Board – Just toss some of the Contact paper on a binder and you have a desk top chalk board.  This was super simple and worked great.


4.  Chalk Dice – Cover some small wooden blocks with the contact paper. The child can create color dice, number dice, drawing dice or letter dice. Use the dice to play games.  Erase and start all over again.  Obviously, you can not roll these over and over again without them erasing so the child will have to re-draw the dice during the game.

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