Directions for Fine Motor Charades:
Gather together materials that promote fine motor skills such as clay, twist ties, pipe cleaners, buttons, small blocks, clothes pins, and lids.  Play a game of charades using any of the materials that you have provided.  Player one creates an object with the materials and can not speak.  All the other players have to guess what player one created.  Maybe you could add points if you use more than two materials for your charade object.

Can you guess what I made in the pictures above?…………

The pipe cleaner and clothes pins is an alligator.  The clay and lids is a skeleton face.  The blocks and clay is a desk and chair.

If the students are having a hard time thinking up objects to create offer written suggestions on a list to start based on the materials that you have gathered together.  You could do things like apples, basket, bowl of cereal, book, computer laptop, pig, etc.