Halloween Group Lesson Plan Trick or Treating

Objective:  For all students to practice various locomotor skills and listening skills

Materials: Halloween Poses cards or Halloween Charade Cards from Sensory Motor Activities for Fall

Warm Up:  Review or teach the different Halloween poses using the cards

Activity:  Have two students sit in a chair with their backs to the group.  They are the home owners.

Hold up a Halloween pose card so that the home owners can not see it.  The children move around the room using the action.  These children are the trick or treaters.

For example, if it is a witch card, the children move like witches.  The home owners have to guess without looking what character they are being.

If they can not guess add how the character might sound.  For example a witch cackle.

Repeat allowing each student to be the home owners.

Modifications:  For non verbal children have a copy of the cards available for each home owner.  The child can pick from the pictures what action the trick or treaters are performing.

If the entire group is non ambulatory, use vocalizations to go along with any physical actions the child can actively do on his/her own when they are “trick or treating”.

Halloween Group Lesson Plan Trick or Treating