1.  Simple Coloring Matching Geoboard.

Hammer colored thumbtacks into a wooden block. Sort the loom bands around the matching colors.

2.  Spiky Balls

Loop two bands together and pull tightly (difficult for young children). Place over the thumbtacks in a ‘X’ shape. After about 8 total looped bands, cut one loop band. Wrap this loop band around the middle and tie it tightly (adult may need to do this). Cut all the edges to make the spiky ball. These are great for fine motor practice, hide in sensory bins or paint with them.

3.  Bilateral Coordination Activity

Using two hands, wrap the loom bands next to the correct color.

4.  Mini Hand Exerciser

Loop four bands together. Wrap one around the thumb and one around the pinky finger. Place the reminder of the bands around the outside of the other fingers. Gently and slowly open and close the hand against the resistance of the bands.

5.  Sling Shot

Hammer in two thumbtacks into block. Loop two bands together and pull tightly. Place around
the thumbtacks. Place a spiky ball into the sling shot. Pull back and release. This can be tricky
and takes a little practice but works quite well once you get the hang of it.