Ping-Pong Puzzles

Ping-Pong Puzzles

Purpose:  Encourage development of the arches of the hand, web space and in hand manipulation. Practice academic and visual perceptual skills.

Materials: Ping-pong balls (the real ones, not dollar store, are easier to hold and write on), recycled egg carton, index cards and sharpie markers.

Preparation: Depending upon what academic skills you are working on, write colors, shapes, numbers or letters on the ping-pong balls. You can write 4-6 objects on each ball.

On the index cards, write the patterns or works you want the child to create.

How to play:  Put the index cards in the top of the egg carton.  Ask the child to match up the ping-pong balls to the cards.

Ask the child to try and rotate the ping-pong ball in one hand to find the correct match.  If they are unable, use two hands.

Additional ideas:
Float the ping-pong balls in a bucket of water and the child has to use eye hand coordination to catch the balls with a net.

If the child is having trouble with turning the ball, only put two objects on each ball.

Write math problems on the index cards. Child has to find the correct answer on the ping-pong ball and place in the carton.