Download the snowman printables for this fine motor and oral motor craft activity.  Watch the snowstorm in action in the video action below.

Step 1:  Choose a snowman picture to print – large plastic bag color picture, small plastic bag color picture, large black and white coloring page, small black and white coloring page.  Color in the picture if you choose the black and white pages.

Step 2:  Cut out the snowman picture.

Step 3:  Put the picture inside the correct size plastic bag.

Step 4:  Using the fingertips, break apart some styrofoam (it must be styrofoam – tissue paper and confetti is too heavy).  Put the styrofoam in the plastic bag.

Step 5:  Put a straw into the plastic bag.  Close the seal at the top of the plastic bag all the way across leaving the straw sticking out of the bag.

Step 6:  Blow air into the straw causing the styrofoam to look like a snowstorm.  Watch the video to watch the snowstorm in action!