Squeeze Containers

Purpose:  This activity encourages muscle strengthening of the hands and bilateral coordination skills.

Materials:  squeeze containers (I got these at the dollar store 2 for $1)  They are also available at Home Depot in a few sizes for $2-$4.  Small items such as marbles, pom poms, toothpicks or other small items.

Step 1: To start, fill one container with the squeeze top with a small items such as marbles.

Step 2: Transfer the marbles to the empty container by squeezing the top of the container.  Try to have only one marble drop out at a time.

Step 3: Try putting different items inside the containers i.e. use when rolling dice for board games, push pom
poms in or put toothpicks in and shake out.

Step 4: If it is too difficult to squeeze the container with one hand try using both hands.

Try adding the containers in an obstacle course – empty all the objects out of the container before you more
on to the next obstacle.