Clothes Pin Straw

After seeing this idea in the Wall Street Journal I thought it would be a great adaptation to share for pediatric therapists.

Purpose:  To be able to drink from a cup without holding the cup or the straw.

Materials: clothes pin, glue, large straw and smaller disposable straws

Preparation:  Glue the larger straw piece onto the clothes pin.  You are all set to go!

Simply slide the straw into the larger straw piece and clip the clothes pin onto any cup.  Now you can drink from the cup without the straw moving all around.  This would be a nice adaptation for children with visual impairments since the straw would not move.  Also suitable for children who have difficulty picking up a cup to drink from it.

Obviously there are commercial products with straws built in but I like this idea for those moments where a commercial cup may not be available. Plus it is nice for special occasions where perhaps other children have birthday or holiday cups.  You could just clip the clothes pin and any cup becomes an adapted cup!

Clothes Pin Straw