Purpose:  Encourage fine motor skills, separation of radial and ulnar sides of the hand, letter recognition and sensory input

Materials:  glass stones (available at dollar stores for $1/bag in plant section), download of letter and shape template, glue stick, optional: sensory table or clay.  Do not do this activity with children under 3 years old or children who mouth objects.  The glass stones are a choking hazard.

How to Make and Play:

Step 1:  Print the glass letters and shapes download on this page.

Step 2: Cut out the squares. Apply glue to letter side of square and glue to the flat side of the glass stone. Let dry. Your letters and shapes are ready.

Step 3:  Hide the glass stone letters in a sensory table with dry items.  Can the child dig out matching upper case and lower case letters?  Try hiding the glass stone letters in clay.  Can the child pull out the letters and match them up?

Step 4:  Print the matching board.  Can the child find the matching shapes and put them on the board?

Challenge:  Have the child pick up the glass letters of his/her name,one at a time,  holding the glass stones in the same hand to encourage separation of the radial and ulnar side of the hand.  Can they pick up all the letters and hold them under the pinky and ring fingers?

One more idea:  Put magnets on back and put on vertical surface to practice spelling words.