QUESTION #1:  Are you a school based OT/COTA or PT/PTA?  Are you a school based OT/COTA or PT/PTA?  Please click on school based OT or school based PT?

QUESTION #2: How important do you think knowledge of assistive technology is for a school based therapist?

  • Very important
  • Somewhat important
  • Undecided
  • Not very important
  • Not very important at all



OT/COTA Responses to Questions

  • 61 responded Very Important
  • 22 responded Somewhat Important
  • 1 responded undecided

PT/PTA Responses to Questions

  • 16 responded Very Important
  • 7 responded Somewhat Important

Total Respondents:  107

Developing Clinical Skills in Assistive Technology – by Michelle L. Lange OTR  Need to learn more about assistive tech but not sure where to start.  Check this article out.

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