QUESTION #1: Are you a pediatric OT/COTA or PT/PTA?  Please click on pediatric OT or pediatric PT?

261 Total Responses

  • 37 COTAs
  • 163 OTs
  • 11 PTAs
  • 50 PTs




QUESTION #2: Has the economy affected your job?

  • 172 responded YES
  • 89 responded NO



QUESTION #3: If yes, how has it affected your job?

  • Lost my Job: 6
  • Less Pay But Same Working Hours: 29
  • Same Pay But More Working Hours: 29
  • More Clients But Same Pay: 40
  • Job Became Part Time Instead of Full Time: 13
  • Other: 144


Here is a selection of some of the responses from the OTHER category.

  • Work full time for school, but no benefits
  • Cannot order supplies/equipment; no budget
  • Furlough Days State Employees
  • Work at a Shriner’s Hospital that provides care to families with & without insurance.
  • low paying without an increase in 3 years
  • No con ed money, no raise for 4 years
  • decrease benefits and pay for own ceu’s, decrease in our budget for student equipment
  • we have had to move due my husband’s job loss and it has been difficult for me to find another job
  • decreased hours & more limited role, i.e. billable hours only
  • decreased benefits, paying significantly more for healthcare
  • lost one school due to budget cuts, they are now using in house, I was supplemental contractor
  • in private practice and now i have fewer clients
  • lost my per diem job, not effected so far with my full time school-based job
  • I contract with several different small school districts.  Although I am still self-employed, a number of my schools are providing no (or very little such as one part time PT for nine schools and 20+ head start programs). Significant change in services!
  • No time compensation for paperwork completed after working hours or attending meetings scheduled after working hours
  • less pay and less days….had to find another position
  • Less pediatric facilities
  • Decreased funding for school-based OT services
  • Less pay, fewer referrals for state and county-funded PT