QUESTION #1: Are you a school based OT/COTA or PT/PTA?  Please click on school based OT or school based PT?
QUESTION #2: What is the most common frequency of therapy sessions (group or individual) that you provide for your students?  Only click one button please.  Response: 1x/wk, 2x/wk, 3x/wk, 1/month or other?
For OT/ COTA’s:
  • 72% of OT/COTA’s responded that the most common frequency of OT was 1x/week
  • 14% reported 2x/week
  • 14% reported other frequency
For PT/PTA’s:
  • 62% of PT/PTA’s responded that the most common frequency of PT was 1x/week
  • 38% reported 2x/week


  • 68% reported 1x/week
  • 23% reported 2x/week
  • 9% reported other
Commentary:  The results of this survey seem to coincide with some research that indicates that higher frequencies does not necessarily indicate improved results.  When we look at the basic treatment techniques we use as therapists such as muscle strengthening and motor control we know that repetition and practice is crucial.  This is difficult to accomplish with a direct treatment frequency of 1x/week.  Therefore, perhaps our focus should be on indirect treatments teaching school staff and parents techniques to support children’s sensory motor development.

REFERENCES:  Bower, E, Mitchell D, Burnett, M et al.  Randomized Controlled Trial of Physiotherapy in 56 Children with Cerebral Palsy followed for 18 Months. Dev Med Child Neurol. 2001; 43:4-15.

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