QUESTION #1: Are you a pediatric OT/COTA, PT/PTA, Parent, Teacher or other?

What characteristics of activities or exercises influences successful carry over of recommendations at home or in the classroom?
Response                                                                               # of Responses            Percentage
the overall benefit of the exercise program or activity                       160                        50%
child is not in any pain or discomfort                                                     53                        16.6%
requires a short amount of time (less than 5 minutes)                       208                        65%
requires a longer length of time (10-15 minutes)                                  9                        2.8%
how well the activities were explained by the therapist                       141                      44.1%
activities have to be carried out less than 3x/week                               33                     10.3%
activities are carried out everyday                                                            62                     19.4%
activities are incorporated into the daily routine                                  268                     83.8%
child can complete activity/exercises independently                           157                     49.1%
child is motivated to earn reward when complete                                117                     36.6%
not disruptive to other students or family members                             111                     34.7%
Other                                                                                                                26                       8.1%