Motor Planning with Pool Noodles

Here is a super easy set up but challenging activity to encourage motor planning skills, coordination and body awareness.  Cut up pool noodles lengthwise and lay them on the floor in different directions.  Ask the child to jump from noodle to noodle keeping the pool noodle between the feet.


Simon Says –  This download includes 68 body position cards (full page), 13 Simon Says Stop cards and 25 game ideas to use with the Simon Says cards. It also includes all the 81 picture cards in a smaller size (2.5″ by 3.25″ – nine cards to one page). Print the cards or play the Simon Says game using the electronic PDF on a screen or a tablet. This activity encourages body awareness, bilateral coordination, motor planning and following directions. FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION

Which Way?

Which Way? includes 16 directional arrow pages (large and small size) plus 6 boards to follow. The activities are available in varying degrees of difficulty. Children will practice moving right, left, diagonally, forwards, backwards, clockwise, down and up. Practice motor planning skills, visually scanning from right to left, understanding prepositional phrases and spatial awareness with this movement activity. FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION