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5 Fun Physical Activities to do for National Get Outdoors Day!

Tomorrow is National Get Outdoors Day (June 13, 2009). Here are 5 fun activities to do with children outdoors.

1. Go to the playground – go visit a local playground and explore all
the climbing equipment, swings and slides. Supervise and assist
your child as necessary. Sometimes all a child needs is some
verbal reminders of how to use the equipment such as “try moving
your foot to the next ladder”. If your child is fearful of
movement, let him explore at his own pace. If your child has
decreased safety awareness, review all playground rules before
play and supervise closely.

2. Hit the pool or lake – Swimming is a wonderful fitness activity
for all levels. It is a great way to strengthen muscles and improve
overall endurance. Practice balance and jumping skills in the
water, it makes it fun if you do fall!

3. Take a hike – Go on an adventure in the woods. Look for hiking trails appropriate for children – level and smooth. Many trails that are handicap accessible are perfect walking trails for younger children. Create a list of things to look for on your hike such as three birds, one squirrel, turtle, yellow leaf, etc. See how many you can find.

4. Play games in the yard – Here are several fun games for the backyard:

Scavenger Hunt – ask your child to find three things in the yard such as brown leaf, green leaf and white rock and bring in back within one minute.

Green Hunt – cut up green construction paper into one inch by 8 inch strips. Hide the green paper strips in the grass. The child must find all the strips that you have

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles – practice blowing bubbles and chasing them. Blow bubbles, catch it on wand and child can clap or kick the bubble to pop it.

Sidewalk Chalk Games – Hopscotch is always a great physical activity to practice jumping, bilateral coordination and motor planning. Draw long, twisty lines with the
chalk and child can try to walk on line without stepping off.

Ball games – play catch with a different sized balls, beach balls or even better water balloons. Practice dribbling a ball with your feet – use a beach ball or balloon for easier control to start.

5. Go letterboxing – Visit www.letterboxing.org to read clues to hidden boxes near your home. Follow the directions to the hidden boxes (usually on hiking trails, in parks and on bike paths). Once you find the box, open it to find a stamp. Stamp the image in a small notebook and you sign into the log book. This is great fun for all ages!


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