Musculoskeletal Problems in Obese Children

Annals of Family Medicine published research on self reported musculoskeletal problems in obese and overweight children. They studied 2459 children ages 2-11 years old of which 4.1% were overweight or obese. The overweight and obese children self reported significantly more musculoskeletal problems than normal weight peers. The musculoskeletal problems included back/neck pain and lower extremity pain (ankle/foot problems more than hip/knee problems). There was no difference between the two groups for reports of upper extremity musculoskeletal pain. In addition, children who were 12 years and older consulted a physician more often than normal weight peers for musculoskeletal problems.

Reference: Krul, Marjolein, van der Wouden, Johannes C., Schellevis, Francois G., van Suijlekom-Smit, Lisette W. A., Koes, Bart W. Musculoskeletal Problems in Overweight and Obese Children Ann Fam Med 2009 7: 352-356

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