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National Inventor’s Month August 2009

Did you know that August is National Inventor’s Month? Why not incorporate this theme into some therapy sessions or carry over activities for at home? Here are some suggestions to help celebrate:

1. Working together with a child, determine a task that is difficult for them to achieve. See if you can create a simple invention or adaptation that will allow the child to complete the task with greater ease. Ask other children for help on solving the problem.

2. Invent a new recipe. Let the children experiment mixing and stirring different ingredients together. Then have a tasting session. Children LOVE this activity.

3. Invent a new game. Go outdoors and have the children all invent their own games. Encourage the children to invent games allowing ALL children to participate.

4. Pick a theme such as cars, robots or spaceships. Have children invent different items using materials that encourage fine motor skills such as LEGO’s, clay or interlocking blocks.