Functional Fine Motor Activities for Kids Using Household Items

Functional Fine Motor Activities

Functional Fine Motor Activities for Kids Using Household Items Functional fine motor activities for kids are so important to childhood development.  They are the building blocks for higher level skills such as using scissors, drawing, dressing, eating, handwriting and more!  Children need to experience frequent practice with fine motor activities to refine the movements in […]

Picture Pokes Freebie to Strengthen Fine Motor Skills

Strengthen fine motor skills

Picture Pokes Freebie to Strengthen Fine Motor Skills Are you familiar with poke pictures?  If not, they are pictures comprised of dots for children to poke to strengthen fine motor skills, improve hand mechanics and help with pencil grasp and control when children start writing.  They are perfect for fine motor centers in the classroom […]


Slide Bag Quiz – Fine Motor and Bimanual Skills

If you need to sneak in some bimanual and fine motor skills practice with academic material, the Slide Bag Quiz is perfect!  I was reading a blog post by Dr. Jean (excellent blog) on individual response techniques and she suggested a slide bag.  It seemed like a creative idea so I gave it a try. […]


Summer Match Up Fine Motor and Working Memory Activity

Don’t you love activities that require little prep and include more than one domain of development?  I do for sure so I created this Summer Match Up board that you can download for free below from the Summer Sensory Motor Packet.  This activity incorporates fine motor skills, hand strengthening, visual discrimination skills and working memory […]


Wishing You a Happy Mother’s Day Fingerprint Craft

As a mother of 6 children, I happen to LOVE homemade Mother’s Day crafts.  I also love anything that has a child’s fingerprints, hand prints or a drawing on it.  I created the Wishing You a Happy Mother’s Day Fingerprint Craft template so the children can simply press their finger prints on to the paper […]

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ASD: Communication Deficits and Motor Skills

The Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders published research investigating the connection between motor skills (oral-motor, manual-motor) and speech and language deficits.  Data analysis was performed examining a registry from children with autism spectrum disorder  (n = 1781), 2–17 years of age, who completed a multidisciplinary evaluation that included diagnostic, physical, cognitive and behavioral assessments.  After adjusting for […]

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Fun Ideas for Hand Strengthening Activities for Kids

Looking for some easy, fun ideas for hand strengthening activities for kids that require little to no equipment and no, extensive preparation?  Check out these free sample pages from The Hand Strengthening Handbook.  Who knew you could do so many fun games and activities with donkey kicks?  How about using rubber bands in some creative […]


New Fine Motor Building Blocks: Plus-Plus

I found this fun, new fine motor building blocks, Plus-Plus, at the Toy Fair 2017 in NYC.  Each building block is a small double plus sign that interlocks together.  You can use your imagination and creativity to create endless possibilities.  Children will have to use fine motor and visual motor skills to connect the blocks […]


Fingerprint Bees

Check out these fingerprint bees!  I love fingerprint art because it is easy to follow the directions and the end result is adorable!  This freebie is from Fingerprint Fun.  There are simple, step by step directions on how to create these buzzing bees.  Print out the page and complete the picture with your own fingerprint […]

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Shaving Cream Tracks – Fine Motor and Sensory Activity

Shaving Cream Tracks is a fun activity to set up that encourages fine motor skills, tactile input and crossing midline.  You will need plates, toy cars and shaving cream for this activity.  This idea is from Therapeutic Play Activities for Children. Place the plates in front of the child or one large tray. Squirt shaving […]