Activity Levels and Electronic Media Use of Youth with Diabetes

Pediatrics published research on the physical activity levels and electronic media use for 384 children with Type 1 diabetes, 90 children with Type 2 diabetes and 173 control subjects ranging in age from 10 to 20 years old. The results indicated that male subjects with Type 2 diabetes reported lower levels of vigorous physical activity per day than the control subjects. Youth with type 1 diabetes compliance to the recommended physical activity levels (more than 60 minutes per day) was 68.3%. In comparison, the youth with type 2 diabetes were 81.7% compliant and the control group was 80.4% compliant. The rates of compliance for daily electronic media use (less than 2 hours per day) ranged from 29.5% to 49.1%.

Reference: Lobelo, Felipe, Liese, Angela D., Liu, Jihong, Mayer-Davis, Elizabeth J., D’Agostino, Ralph B., Jr, Pate, Russell R., Hamman, Richard F., Dabelea, Dana
Physical Activity and Electronic Media Use in the SEARCH for Diabetes in Youth Case-Control Study
Pediatrics 2010 125: e1364-e1371