Right Side Hurts More?

Here is a very interesting journal article from Early Human Development on pain perception in infants. Did you know that some studies have shown that handedness and gender can effect pain perception in adults? This latest study was to determine if the same held true in infants. Prefrontal activation was measured with near infrared spectroscopy […]

Calling All Students Under 25 Years Old

Do you know someone who wants to “do something”? The Do Something organization is offering awards and grants to people under 25 years of age who want to accomplish something in their community. If you know a motivated, self starter you will want to pass this website along to them. You can get more information […]

Most Popular Blog Posts during 2010

Here are the top 10 most popular blog posts during 2010: 1. Motor Planning and Graded Movement 2. Homemade Assistive Devices 3. iPhone Applications and Occupational Therapy 4. Encouraging Tummy Time Handouts 5. Social Story Resources 6. Self Regulation Activities 7. Bilateral Coordination Eye Foot 8. Handwriting Practice on the Interactive Whiteboard 9. 5 Ice […]

Fun with Virtual Sand

You have to check out this cool website – thisissand.com. You can drop sand where you move the mouse. Simply click on the square in the upper left hand corner to change colors or erase the image. It even works on a Smart Board. Why not try figure 8’s, crossing midline or air writing with […]

Permit to Drive

Much like a student driver needs driving lessons, practice and a permit before they can get on the road, a child needs similar skills to drive a motorized wheelchair. Some skills can be learned, acquired or achieved with medical intervention (i.e. glasses). To start with a child must have sufficient vision in order to drive […]

20 Free Downloads from 2010

Here is a list of 20 free activities we posted on the website during 2010: 1. Winter Handwriting Activities 2. Artist Trading Cards Lesson Plan 3. Tangrams for Kids 4. Fabric Creation Lesson Plan 5. Visual Motor Exercises 6. Imagination Action Journey 7. Dressing Skills Sample Page 8. Wax String Activities Sample Pages 9. Follow […]


Gross Motor Skills and Psychiatric Disorders

Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology published research on the gross motor performance and physical fitness of children with psychiatric disorders. One hundred children (81 boys and 19 girls with a mean age of 9 yrs 11 months) were divided into three subgroups: emotional disorders (17 children), behavioral disorders (44 children) and pervasive developmental disorders (39 […]