Simple Group Game for Tight Spaces

A variation of this game was played at the local school:

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Purpose: Encourage eye hand coordination, motor timing and motor planning.

Materials: Two different colored balls

Activity: Have the children sit on the floor in a large circle. Choose one ball to be the peanut butter and the other ball will be the jelly. The object of the game is to always throw the peanut butter ball and roll the jelly ball. On start, the child holding the peanut butter ball throws it to anyone in the circle and the child holding the jelly ball rolls it to anyone in the circle. Whoever receives the peanut butter ball must continue to throw it to someone else whereas the jelly ball must be rolled. If a player makes a mistake and rolls the peanut butter ball, throws the jelly ball or if both balls (peanut butter and jelly) are in front of one player at the same time, then that player it either out of the game or play starts over (which ever you prefer).

Make sure the children keep quiet and calm during the game since it does take some concentration.

Want to make it harder? Add another ball – maybe a “bread” ball. The children must pass the bread ball to the right only. Add a “fluff” ball and you can only pass that ball to the left. Change the skills assigned to the ball – switch peanut butter to roll and jelly to throw. It gets confusing quickly! Try standing up and playing to vary the motor skills – you will have to squat down to roll the ball. Add kicking the ball instead of throwing.

Want to make it easier? Start very slowly. Start out by only practicing throwing the peanut butter ball. Stop using that ball and practice rolling the jelly ball. Add both balls when ready but do not have any competition involved.

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