Fine Motor Rewards

Previously, I had written a blog post on Positive Reinforcements following therapy sessions. Basically it was some suggestions to encourage compliant behavior and active participation during therapy sessions. I wanted to add a few more suggestions to the list of my 6 previous suggestions: Carnival Party, Olympics, Playground Time, Nature Walk, Gym Time and Free Therapy Play Time. All of those suggestion were sensory motor activities.

Here are a few suggestions for fine motor positive reinforcements:

  1. Button Bags – sew a felt bag that has a few button closures at the top. In order for the children to get the reward they must unbutton the bag to reveal the prize.
  2. Zippered Bags – hide the prizes inside pencil pouches and they have to unzip to reveal the prize
  3. Lock and Key – use a lock on a treasure box. To pick a prize you have to unlock the box.
  4. Unscrew the Lid – paint the inside of a jar to hide what is inside. The children have to unscrew the lids to get the reward.
  5. Shoe Untying – hide the prize inside a sneaker. The child must untie the shoe to get to the prize. Then let the child pick a prize to hide back in the shoe for the next child and tie the shoe back up.
  6. Envelope Cutting – hide the prize in an envelope and the child has to use scissors or a letter opener to cut the envelope open. Good one for small stickers.

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