What, Why and Who?

This might seem super obvious but as the school year starts out don’t forget to tell the students, school staff and parents the following:

1.  What is therapy?  Make sure everyone is informed as to what is occupational, physical or speech therapy.  Describe what your role is as a related service provider and what functional tasks you can offer assistance with.

2.  Why does this student receive therapy?  It is important to be clear as to why the student receives the related service that you provide.  Review goals with all team members.

3.  Who are you?  Introduce yourself and include your title.  Be specific and explain the difference between a registered occupational or physical therapist and an assistant.   

Title: School and Home Communication Forms for Therapists 

By: Your Therapy Source 

Summary: Download of 21 forms to increase communication between therapists, school staff, students and parents. 

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