Gross Motor Function and Manual Abilities in Cerebral Palsy

The Journal of Child Neurology published research on the relationship between gross motor function and manual ability in cerebral palsy. Three hundred thirty two (332) Canadian children with cerebral palsy were included in the study. There was moderate overall agreement between the Gross Motor Function Classification System and Manual Ability Classification Scale Levels with a strong positive correlation. This agreement varied based on subtype of cerebral palsy and cognitive level.

The following results were seen:

  • moderate agreement among children with spastic quadriparesis and dysketic cerebral palsy,
  • fair agreement in children with spastic diplegia
  • poor agreement in children with spastic hemiplegia. 
  • children with cognitive impairment showed a higher correlation than those without cognitive impairment
Reference: Maryam Oskoui, Annette Majnemer, Lynn Dagenais, and Michael I. Shevell The Relationship Between Gross Motor Function and Manual Ability in Cerebral Palsy J Child Neurol 0883073812463608, first published on October 30, 2012 doi:10.1177/0883073812463608