5 Fun Ways to Practice Crossing Midline

Here are 5 fun ways to encourage crossing midline:

1.  Hit a ball holding a bat with two hands or any activities that encourage bilateral coordination skills.  Put a ball on a tee or hang one from the ceiling.  Practice hitting the ball always making sure both hands stay on the bat.

2.  Play clapping games.  Girls in particular love the play clapping games.  Teach children Miss Mary Mack or check out You Tube to learn new hand claps.

3.  Make big art.  Tape a square box to the floor.  Have the child stand in it in front of the white board or chalkboard.  Try making the biggest rainbow that you can but do not move your feet.  Snap a photo when done to save a picture of the big art.  Try creating this long maze that encourages the child to cross midline – http://yourtherapysource.com/files/vme_free2.pdf

4.  Dig in the dirt or sand.  Have the child sit down, kneel or squat.  Place a bucket on one side of the child and the shovel on the other side.  Have the child dig and then rotate to place the dirt in the bucket.   Do not let the child switch hands with the shovel when going to put the dirt in the bucket.

5.  Play Simon Says.  Use instructions and movement such as “put your right hand on your left shoulder” or “touch your left knee with your right hand”.

Visual Motor Exercises consists of 25 long mazes to complete that encourage crossing midline.