5 Bilateral Activities for the Kitchen

 It can be hard for parents to follow through on specific home exercise programs for their child.  The easier the tasks are to set up, the easier it is to carry out home programs.  The more repetitive the daily practice, the greater the benefits of learning the skill.  Here are five super simple bilateral activities that children can practice daily when helping out in the kitchen at home:

1.  Spread soft butter or jelly on bread: one hand holds the knife and one hand holds the bread.
2.  Pouring a drink – one hand holds the pitcher and the other hand stabilizes the cup.
3.  Mixing – hold the bowl with one hand and use the other hand to stir with a spoon.
4.  Open and close jars/containers – hold the jar/container with one hand and open the lid with the other hand.
5.  Roll out dough – hold a rolling pin with both hands and roll out pizza, cookie or pie dough.

Therapeutic Activities for Home and School
By: Your Therapy Source Inc

Summary: Therapeutic Activities for Home and School provides pediatric therapists with over forty, uncomplicated, reproducible activity sheets and tips that can be given to parents and teachers.  Make home exercise programs part of the everyday routine.

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