Clay Marble Mazes

Marble Clay mazesClay marble mazes is a great activity to encourage hand strengthening, eye hand coordination, visual tracking skills and more.  

Here is what we did:

1.  Cover a recycled, clean styrofoam tray with tin foil.  Use a small tray if you have a little bit of clay and large tray if you have a lot of clay (or want the maze to be bigger).

2.  Push the clay flat on the tray to cover the entire tray if possible.

3.  First use a pen cap or pointed tool to draw a path for the maze.  

4.  Go over the maze that was drawn using a marble pushing with your fingers.  Retrace the path many times so that it creates a slight tunnel for the marble.  You could use a larger marble to make the path.

5.  It is ready to use.  Hold the tray with two hands and see if you can navigate the marble through the maze.

6.  Another option is to create and trace letters in the clay and then track the marbles with your fingers.

7.  When done, just flatten out the clay and make a new one next time!

Creative Clay Activities UPDATED This digital download includes loads of play dough activities to help children strengthen the hands and fingers while learning!  Perfect for fine motor stations in the classroom!

Creative Clay Activities Updated