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3 Reasons Why Children Should Do Chores

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Performing chores teaches children important life skills.  Here are 3 reasons of why children should do chores:

1.  Some research indicated that children who started chores at a young age, grow up to form good relationships with family and friends, to achieve academic and early career success and to be self-sufficient.

2.  Children learn empathy when performing chores especially when the chores focus on helping the family not themselves.  They learn that helping others can be rewarding.

3.  Children learn to understand and accept responsibility.

Here are a few tips to help children be motivated to do their chores:

Provide positive reinforcement – praise for a job well done especially if the chores are completed without a reminder

Provide incentives – It may be helpful to provide an allowance or sticker chart to earn a reward after completing chores.  There are some fun apps out there that can help motivate children to complete their chores.

Set a good example – remember to do your own chores

Ask children to be “helpers” versus “to help”.  Read more about this from a previous blog post entitled “Help” or “Helper” for Life Skills at http://yourtherapysource.com/blog1/2014/05/07/help-or-helper-for-life-skills/

Reference:  Wallace, J. Why Children Need Chores. Retrieved from the Wall Street Journal on 3/18/15 at http://www.wsj.com/articles/why-children-need-chores-1426262655


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