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Movement and Math Animal Action Freebie

Alphabet Animals - Roll and Cover from http://yourtherapysource.com/animalactionsaz.htmlHere is a fun game, Roll, Move and Cover that incorporates movement, visual perceptual skills, fine motor skills and math skills.  It is a freebie game from Animal Actions A to Z.  Basically, the student rolls two dice, adds up the numbers, finds the number, performs an animal action and then colors in the circle to cover it up.  Another option is to cover up each circle with a small ball of clay.  You can download the free activity here  http://yourtherapysource.com/animalactionsazfreebie.html


Alphabet Animals A to Z from http://yourtherapysource.com/animalactionsaz.htmlGet more information on Animal Actions A to Z at http://yourtherapysource.com/animalactionsaz.html